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We don't sell cheap elevators. We only offer durable lift products.

If you really put safety first

“Apslelevator”Elevator not sleepy person idea:

To measure the safety of a domestic elevator, the first is not the driving mode, not the manufacturer's scale, but the standard of the product manufacturing process. As a measure of hotel quality, the first is not the size of the room, but the standard of hotel service.

Three heavy rescue—Intelligent automatic rescue

On the premise of safety, special automatic rescue functions are designed for all kinds of failures, so as to prevent people from being trapped. Truly worry free ride ladder, so that the family more assured.

Three heavy rescue - power outages, automatic rescue

Integrated ARD function, even if the power failure, still can rely on a powerful and reliable backup power, automatically drive the elevator to the flat floor release.

Lithium batteries are basically maintenance free for life, long life, up to 8 years; battery NTC temperature monitoring.

Three heavy rescue—One button dialing rescue

If the automatic rescue can not be achieved, you can connect with your family or professional rescue personnel through a key dialing in the car to solve the problem.

One button dialing scheme:“Internet of things module + interphone”

With the function of the Internet of things, the telephone connection between the car and the remote mobile phone can be realized by means of the car interphone and the Internet of things module.

Apslelevator Household elevator is out of the ordinary place, which really Shilong put safety first.

Performance stability, too important! It can't be changed as soon as a car.

“A good beginning, but since last year, the noise is increased, the reaction is slow, the power consumption is also increasing, obviously do not overload, also called elevator repair, not long after the old trouble again, this thing I really want to change it, but the demolition demolition demolition is not good. Do not know to whom, really tired.”

This is a true experience of our customers, if you do not want to have this experience in the future, we must choose mature and stable products. The installation of elevators in our homes is related to our long-term home life. Performance stability is important, important and crucial. Make sure that 20, 30, or even 50 years are good.

Not to mention the durability of the product

Apslelevator The design concept is with the military as the standard, beyond European quality, starting from the quality of timber, build thick, high-end atmosphere, the ultimate quality of the elevator.

Without doubt

A household elevator installed at home of a bed of roses, you need to start to follow the Apslelevator

My choice is our honor, Apslelevator , is your lucky!
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