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The most important question

Driving mode of villa domestic elevator

The elevator drive system is like a car engine. The driving system or driving mode determines the quality and performance of the elevator directly. Hydraulic, traction, screw type is the current domestic elevator three driving system. Traction said, "good traction", hydraulic pressure "good", which in the end good? We carry out objective comparative analysis from three aspects:

1, advanced contrast

A: first generation drive technology hydraulic
Hydraulic pressure belongs to the first generation driving technology of elevator. The first elevator in the world was powered by hydraulic pressure. It was invented by Otis in 1852.
B: second generation drive technology - traction
Traction belongs to the second generation driving technology of household elevator. In 1903, American Otis launched the world's first traction elevator.

2, safety contrast

Do hydraulic, say "the most secure hydraulic", do traction, said, "the most secure traction."". What kind of drive is most safe for hydraulic or traction?

"If the hydraulic pressure is unsafe, why is the government not prohibited?"". Similarly, if the traction is unsafe, the government has stopped it". As a matter of fact, from the aspect of safety, the hydraulic and traction driving methods are technically safe, and they are authorized by the national special equipment inspection authority. We can't say the hydraulic elevator is unsafe because of the accident of falling ladder. The same technology, different manufacturers, different brands, the level of technology is certainly uneven. "Zhang three" brand "hydraulic elevator" out of a safety accident, can only say "Zhang three card" there are security risks, it can not be said that the hydraulic elevator unsafe.

3, characteristics and applicability

A: hydraulic elevator
The hydraulic elevator operates smoothly, operates with low noise, low lifting speed, heavy load and high utilization ratio of the hoistway. It is suitable for upgrading low floor buildings, such as shopping malls, office buildings and parking lots. The biggest disadvantage of hydraulic elevators is that the hydraulic oil has a taste, and the hydraulic cylinder is easy to leak oil. From the domestic point of view, it is recommended to choose outdoor installation.

B: traction elevator
Traction elevator operation speed, high lifting height, suitable for high-rise building installation, the current high-rise buildings are installed traction elevator. From the domestic perspective, the size of traction elevator hoistway, high utilization rate is low, is "abuse". The reserved space is large, and can be installed at 1400 * 1400mm or more.

Difference between domestic elevator and public elevator

At present, many people buy elevators, the first thought of looking for big brands. As a result, we asked for a turn, and the answer to the big brand was "too small to do," or we suggested that we should remove part of the stairs and "make the place bigger."".

Why small, big brands can not do it? In fact, the big brands we know are their core businesses in the public or commercial areas, not in the home sector. The household and the public are divided into two segments, and there is a distinct difference between the two technologies. It's like a big bus. It's the same as a family sedan.

Comparison of key problems in technical side of domestic elevator and public passenger lift:

Through the above comparison, we can clearly see that it is entirely in the two segments, and domestic elevators pay special attention to the ease of use and flexibility of the family. Many "big brands" home elevators are basically a reduced version of public elevators. Although the size is small, but from the domestic perspective, or "takes up too much room", "small size, so do not do!".

In fact, for a comprehensive brand, because the home elevator market is too small to do can not do business, but also do "by doing, do the good and bad effect on the turnover is very small. Their energy can not be from the "share" this big market, scattered to "family" this small cake this piece.

Elevator as a family of large machinery and equipment, first of all, regardless of grades, first of all, must choose professional brand. Because professional brand, wholeheartedly dedicated to do, not only products are more suitable for home, and service is also very perfect. For large brands, even if we buy ten elevators at home is also small customers, but for professional brands, to buy an elevator is a big customer, VIP customers!

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Maintenance and maintenance of villa domestic elevator

Have you ever thought about it? When our elevator has taken 20 years to replace parts, it will take months to replace, or even find new replacements. Anyone else will crash. Many people often overlook this extremely important problem when they buy domestic elevators.

Parts replacement is a very important part of after-sales service. Therefore, in the choice of brand cooperation Apslelevator , according to the timeliness and manufacturers of replacement parts to communicate and confirm repeatedly, and make corresponding plan, ensure that you in less than 30 years, all the parts can be the first time the timely replacement. This is a problem for many home elevator retailers, including many manufacturers.

Why Apslelevator can consider Apslelevator so thin? Because the APA is truly Apslelevator from the user's point of view to consider the details of each. By this point, you can see, with the intention of their professional Apslelevator .

Household elevator customization of a bed of roses, you don't find out who my Apslelevator?

The cost of using a home lift in a villa

When buying a car, we will consider fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Similarly, the installation of elevators at home, we have to consider the future use of costs.

The use cost of elevator is composed of electricity fee + dimension premium + parts replacement fee. The higher the grade of the family car, the higher the cost of use; the elevator is the opposite, high-grade elevator parts durability, low energy consumption, less maintenance frequency, the corresponding use cost is relatively low. More simply, the high cost of domestic elevator purchase costs, but the use of relatively low cost; moderate or economic elevator purchase costs moderate, but relatively higher cost of use.

We know that the home elevator car more time than long, 20 years, 30 years, 50 years. For a long period of time, for example, 20 years, the total cost of an elevator is probably a little different from that of a mid-range or an economy. The difference is that the high-grade early investment, but "look is high-grade"; mid-range and economic type, although the quality is not particularly strong, but early investment small.

Specifically choose which grade, it depends on our needs, if it is super luxury, only high-end and your luxury matching.

The price of a villa lift

About total expenses

Installation of home lift total cost = equipment cost + construction cost + installation fee
We can customize the domestic elevator, not just the equipment fee. Civil engineering and installation fee and it is not a small fee. Generally speaking, traction and hydraulic installation fees + civil construction costs, accounting for about 15-25% of the total cost.

About equipment price

Domestic elevators, like family cars, have different prices, different configurations, different performances, imported and domestic products. The price difference will be obvious. For your reference, which based on the three layer Bossini home elevator as an example, talk about the price of different grades of household elevator. If we have special customization requirements for cars and doors, the cost will be increased from thousands to tens of thousands.

Which grade should we choose to install elevators at home?

Elevator as a family of large machinery and equipment, and the car is different. Elevator installed at home, and family life is closely related to the great impact on the home environment, placed at home for 30-50 years, or even longer. Buying cars, we consider the use of time is generally 5-10 years. However, the installation of elevators at home can not only consider the present, must consider at least 20 years. If the budget is adequate, try to customize the high-end, elegant, exquisite elevator, if the budget is limited, you can choose comfort type.

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