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Ladder characteristics

Villa elevator energy saving 10-20 yuan / month, 6 storey building
Meet the top 2.5 meters above the height, bottom pit 0.15 meters depth
Energy saving power passenger 40-60 yuan / month 7 floor
The inorganic roof layer meets the height of 3.8 meters or more
Villa lift steel belt technology, mute, energy saving, environmental protection
Butterfly silent, super magnet steel permanent magnet synchronous mainframe
Toughened glass well with titanium diamond structure
According to the decoration structure requirements, you can choose a variety of door direction
Optional elevator, with sleepy people, self-help function
Palm vein recognition system

The most important thing is that we can reasonably optimize the ladder type according to your unit structure and demand

Help you customize a satisfactory lift

Vein recognition

Style design

Professional in the field of household elevator which Apslelevator, and long-term customer service experience,
No matter what your home decoration style, which will provide Apslelevator the best design for you.

Open door form

多Multiple door opening forms for your free choice

Screen protection

The light screen door is protected

By forming a dense light against the side of the car door curtain, forming a highly safety screen, ensure the safety of passengers and high sensitivity, good security, once the light interference elevator door will soon reopen without passengers, bruised to ensure the safe and convenient to customers in and out of the elevator.

Precise installation

Advanced technology + rationalization configuration + precision installation = quality home elevator

Gold medal maintenance

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