How do I install the elevator video line?


1, the installation of cable video, power supply interface shall be void, and should be firmly fixed uunsoldering;
2 、 in the elevator special video line, two steel wire reinforcement core should be kept symmetrical and consistent after stripping. The deviation between the tension and the average value should be less than 5%;
3. The reinforcing wire core in the elevator special video line shall be fixed after stripping, and the cable weight and running tension should be taken into account;
4 when the elevator car compresses the elevator buffer, the elevator special video cable shall not be in contact with the bottom pit and the bottom frame of the car;
5. Elevator special video wire shall be freely hung before installation and fully reversed (avoid cable knotting and wave distortion);
With the development of modern building more and more high, the elevator is used more and more frequently, and for the sake of safety, the general elevator will have a video installation for property security management, and to the normal operation of the video, you need to have a video line and the power supply is connected to the mouth, and the elevator is a moving up and down at any time how to install the elevator equipment, video line, believe you, should be.