Old housing elevator installation process to simplify the so


The building was built in 1981, a ladder 5 6 floor, lived a total of 30 households, more than 7 are the oldest old. Although each floor is equipped with folding chairs for the elderly to rest, can we still hope to have the elevator.
Yu Apo is 81 years old. She tells us that we can walk in empty hands. We can buy something and come back with something to eat. It's tiring to walk up.
Mr. Weng, who is 90 years old, can hardly go downstairs now. Because she had cerebral infarction, only waiting for the elevator installed to push her down.
The beginning of 2011, Hu Apo was the floor leader to begin with lift things. By 2014, just to have a free zone elevator installation in the pilot, they rush to apply for, but finally lost the Yu Huayi District 1 building. While waiting for the process, many elderly people regret to say goodbye to the world.
Hu Apo was 88 years old. She walked up and down the hallway for three years without going downstairs. She always felt she could not enjoy the elevator in her life. Last year, a lot of old Shanghai successful installation of residential elevator, Hu lady also renewed the idea, but because the matter entrusted to the advanced in age, the neighbor Mr. su. After a rush, Mr. Su got the approval of the district regulation bureau. To the beginning of this year, the building residents completed two times for 30 households, 29 households agreed to install, has no objection to the apportionment of the expenses of the ground floor plan: no money, more than two buildings according to each household 5 thousand yuan increase to six per household to 2 five floor.
But no one expected that, when Mr. Su went to the housing authority to apply for the project, it was refused, on the grounds that one of the residents in the building was against it.
In this regard, the housing management department explained that "the city has multi-storey residential additional elevator guidance," there are additional instructions, the two consultation stage has a condition that the owners did not sign an agreement without fierce opposition". The residents opposed to the complaints to the relevant departments, expressed strong opposition". In fact, the residents live in the ground against, according to the scheme does not need to pay. So, is it the location of the elevator installation that will affect their home?
Residents speculate that this may be related to years of neighborhood conflict.
The head of the building tells us, when the first day begins, his home is rented is the patient of Huashan hospital and family member, so personnel change is more frequent, neighbour has a few opinions.
Insiders pointed out that, for the husband Housing installation elevator process, the residents consultation difficult situation, can through the establishment of community coordination mechanism to solve.
Deputy Secretary General of the municipal housing repair Association of Yangtze River Chuan Sheng said in a telephone interview, the general office of the municipal office and the municipal government last year jointly issued the "notice on strengthening the implementation of the views of" the city's urban and rural community consultation, it mentioned that the negotiations in the life of community residents difficult problem, problem must be settled through negotiation some aspects of participation. If the work is done, the installation of the elevator may proceed smoothly.
Because of personal interests, and most people's demands in disregard of. Whether such a veto is reasonable is worth pondering. Of course, this does not mean that, in such a community consultation event, published will not allow different views, but should establish a sound system of consultation, we expression, down at a certain framework to explore if there are significant differences, so the relevant departments should also place, before a cross step, do the third party, to help the parties to coordinate together.